A Sustainable Community and Healing Center

By Hammyland

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We are raising funds to purchase some land in the Tiller Oregon area where,eco-village, detox and rehab farms are needed...right away....to re-stabilize and re-educate the many out of balance people we have calling out for help here in our midst...

My Goal is to build a safe place for others who suffer.Those receiving healing will not be asked to contribute, but once their healing is complete I think most will want to stay and help with what we are doing. Of course, if someone coming to learn does not want to work within the community, they can choose to make a monetary donation.

There will be a community kitchen, music, arts and crafts buildings, and workshops for building and making textiles (to support the community), as well as the Edible Forest and Farmers Market. So there will be lots of areas where someone may contribute their time and talents. Some are not lucky enough to have the support group like I have around me,and it's sad to say some of them end it with Suicide.This also scares me also.I hope to purchase land in the Southern Oregon area where we can as a Team build a safe community for people to heal and get life back in order..I have a few Musicians who are helping with fundraising also.


  1. Larry Aguayo

    Things are picking up,Cindy & I are Landed in Southern Oregon,scouting Property for Hammyland,a land where those who suffer from PTSD & other mental issues can smile again..

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