Most Useful Green Business Card on Earth

By Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships

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My name is Joseph and my green project is a fully organic, self sustaining, profit sharing, mixed use residential/commercial community named We have our lands, & major preliminaries in place already, yet I put my own particular project on hold,

because Sustainability Partnerships effects more people by helping other Projects, Companies, & Communities to become more socially and environmentally responsible towards their existing communities and audiences!

SP helps more people by providing Social Funding Campaigns, PR & Mass Marketing to green Projects, Companies & Communities to become more socially responsible and effective.

SP was concieved 1978 and has been in direct development since January 9, 2010 and we are now launching.

We invite you to win – win – win together by participating & contributing below as you feel in your heart


We are launching The Most Useful Green Business Card in The World.

Our Sustainability Partnerships Card helps you Become More Socially & Environmentally Responsible by Simplifying & Consolidating all your Eco Priorities, Schedules, Events, Sites, Tools & Resources.

It also Helps you Promote & can Multiply your Sustainable Contacts from 1,000 contacts to 1,000,000 contacts with 90 days

1) 1st – Sample #1: Your project is shared to 1k contacts which share to 100 each = 100k contacts
2nd – Next your 100k contacts will share to approx 100 = 10M
3rd – Those 10M will share to approx 100 = 1Billion Like-minded Contacts
4th – and so on
2) 1st – Sample #2: Your project is shared to 10k contacts which share to 100 each = 1M contacts
2nd – Next your 1M contacts will share to approx 100 = 100M contacts
3rd – and so on
3) 1st – Sample #3: Your project is shared to 30k contacts which share to 100 each = 3M contacts
2nd – Next your 3M contacts will share to approx 100 = 300M contacts
3rd – and so on
4) 1st – Sample #4: Your project is shared to 100k contacts which share to 100 each = 10M contacts
2nd – Next your 10M contacts will share to approx 100 = 1B contacts


  1. Name, Phone, Your Own Logo logo
    Your Email hyperlink,
    Your Location hyperlink,
    Your Website or Store hyperlink,
    Your CrowdFunding hyperlink,
    Your Brochure hyperlink,
    All your Social media page hyperlink
    Shared Jobs Page hyperlink,
    Shared Events Page hyperlink,
    Your Calender & Appointments hyperlink,
  2. Feature rich to share with all contacts via text, social media & email
  3. Sign up button for new subscribers


  1. Security & privacy is extremely prioritized.
  2. Our S.P. Card is a powerful easy to use APP & Site hosted at
  3. User friendly for all devices, from large TV screens, Pads, Computers & smart phones
  4. Subscribers will share their own project via our S.P. Card to their data bases & contacts via email, text, social media, push notification, etc,
  5. We are targeting 1Billion+ subscribers
  6. Subscribers will be automatically listed & categorized into an interactive green directory of sustainability partnerships
  7. Your Sustainability Partnerships Card is also a social media platform of sustainability partnerships designed to simplify & consolidate your priorities, funding programs, tools & resources to become more socially & environmentally responsible
  8. Your participation will help make this the largest green cooperative of sustainability partnerships; niches, solutions, tools and resources on earth
  9. We will launch a free subscription for six months, and $1 per monthly thereafter
  10. Sample: 20 million subscribers = $20M in gross sales per month

As Seen In

  • Media Distribution to Date = 1,807,755,200+
  • Search engine impressions = 22,000,000+
  • Write ups in news media = 5,223+
  • Media Full Page Reads = 43,487+
  • Media Headline Impressions = 1,854,222+
  • Facebook = 10,000+ combined
  • YouTube = 47,000+ combined
  • Google+ = 17,000+
  • LinkedIn is new = 460+
  • Twitter = 6,844+ Combined


Book a Meeting with founder of Sustainability Partnerships

About Sustainability Partnerships

Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships provides social funding campaigns; marketing, public relations and sales support to help companies, projects & communities become more environmentally & socially responsible.



1) Your own Eco-executive team
2) Your own Steering Committee
3) Your own funding platform
4) Your own communications center
5) Your own live radio & television station
6) Your own private & secure internet|
7) Your own land parcels; Eco-engineering, and sustainable land development firm
8) Your own organic farms (permaculture, aquaponics, verticle, super foods)
9) Your own clean energy (wind, solar, thermo)
10) Your own water & Eco waste management systems (rain water catchments, black/grey water frertization)
11) Your own traditional businesses with an Eco twist
12) Your own online businesses with an Eco twist
13) Your own public relations; sales and marketing firm


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    I visit a specialist Wednesday afternoon, meanwhile I am resting bed ridden, currently taking corn silk tea, olive oil, lemon, apple cider water, anti inflammatory pain meds, water + water + water = more pain… Joseph

  4. Crowd Funding

    Hi Farzana, the pain still comes n goes in waves, so I an using this experience as a learning opportunity to help others concerning kidneys, livers, bladders, and of course stones and other deposits. I have some interesting steps to share as journal this my kidney stone experience

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  • Viral APP  (In process of being posted)
  • Click here for project business plan
    • We are gathering the right leaders to help hard working people that want to participate in becoming self sustaining.
    • In 1978 I conceived my vision of helping to fund participating green projects
    • We are helping each unique project to get funded & reach ONE BILLION people for the betterment of all
    • Our media distribution has surpassed 1.5 Billion and is expanding, visionaries are joining daily, we have people and land parcels in various countries, and we also have an impressive list of tools & resources to move forward.
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