By T.E. Hubbard

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Wormwood is a book series. But the project is about music, art, and Spirituality. The story is already in its second book. The third is being written.

This project is in stages. Part of the intended end result is already set in  motion; A Medicine Show showcasing alternative technology, sustainability, and Spiritual Truth.

In this first part the Wormwood Project is to present a musical, theatrical rendering of the Wormwood story on stage, using both organic   low-tech instruments and human participation, with appropriate high-tech integration.

Musicians - starting off with myself - the author- preforming acoustic original (and a smattering of appropriate cover tunes) music that relates to and enhances the story. This is the simple, low tech aspect.

In the first stages, and at the performances to be listed, the organic performance will involve myself and a bass player, with an occasional rhythm instrument. Along with this low tech, a simple (in the beginning) projection of 3D scenes -already in production- of the story behind the performers will in effect create a "live Graphic Novel"

The monetary intention is to promote and market the books of Wormwood.

As an author, I have run into many hurdles that have nothing to do with creativity and everything to do with economics. I am a disabled veteran with a fixed and limited income.

Right now my only option to promote and distribute these books is though my limited social networking peers, and through old fashioned face-to-face. I can only afford to buy a very very small quantity of printed copies at a time. This severely limits my abilities to spread these books around.

As an author, musician, songwriter, and now 3D graphics artist, I find the task of marketing, promoting, and in general, aspects that my creative side balks at, daunting. I figured that if I did the work of creating, I should not have to do the labor that I am not suited for; sales, promotion, and  marketing.

I am looking first to get funding for a bulk printing of the Wormwood series, so that when I perform, I can offer actual books that can be bought on site, and even signed by me. Along with the performances, this will allow me to take my wares on the road to SciFi conventions, and various book exposes.

Right now there are free previews of the first book available here; Wormwood previews and here; Blurb

It is also for sale on Blurb as a POD. (Print on demand). There are digital copies available on iTunes and Smashwords

This is not just a Sci Fi  journey. The story has been told many times, but not quite in this way. There is truth in fiction. Help me get this out there.


T. E. Hubbard

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