Youth-led Initiative #EntrepreneurshipForChangeCampaign

By TOKOYASU Solutions

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Entrepreneurship For Change


My name is Humphrey Munene, a Young Entrepreneur and youth development programs enthusiast in Nakuru, one of the counties in Kenya, East Africa. I have for the past over 7 years volunteered, served, worked for and with young people in Kenya through personal, government and even donor funded programs that aimed to address some of the issues facing young people. The issues affecting young people in Kenya range from a lack of educational opportunities, high unemployment rates, crime and violence, substance & Drug Abuse and also social exclusion.

The last major donor funded project and form of employment that I had ended in April 2014. From my previous experience working with youth and using digital solutions including blogs and on line meetings, they still approach me for mentor-ship sessions; request me to link them with opportunities for financial freedom either through employment, casual jobs or personal funding. I have been doing so and this has not been sustainable, the options granted by our support system including the government for youth has not been reliable nor sustainable. Most of the youth around have been looking up to me as a mentor and a hope for some of their dreams, they believe that if from my neighborhood, I rose to interact with the high and mighty, they also have a similar chance.

I am hereby looking for a boost, to give them hope for I believe if they see hope in me, there is hope in the world for all young people.

Why #EntrepreneurshipForChangeCampaign?

75% of youth remain unemployed as the opportunities are slim and often require prior experience that most learning institutions don't offer. For youth to venture into business, the requirements are far beyond reach; financial institutions have avoided lending to youth due to their relative inability to comply with the high transaction costs, difficulty in accessing and managing their risk profiles and lack of the required financial documentation as well as collateral.

Most of my friends, neighbors and other young people I know have resulted to mugging pedestrians, some have ended up in violent crimes including armed robberies and a vast range of criminal activities all in the name of survival and earning a living. Terrorism has crept in among other desperate young people who end up radicalized and turning against their own country for retaliation due to the lack of opportunities compared to the perks offered by their recruiters. Drug and Substance abuse has also been evident and street peddling on the rise. I have attended countless burials of young people, my age-mates and former friends who died either from the crimes, violence or effects of drugs and substance abuse.

I have lost countless number of young people directly and indirectly and my unsustainable means has resulted #EntrepreneurshipForChangeCampaign to save a life through skills development. Most of the youth confess that the advice and support I give is always good but not practical as I also haven't tried it out. Most times I get more reasons why it has been hard to start legal and viable youth led businesses contrary to what I have been sharing over time. From this reason, I decided to be a living example and a role model of how a youth initiative can change a life and ultimately a society for the better. Your contribution will go a long way to make this model work

My Initiative

I used some of my last savings and registered a youth owned business so as to create some employment opportunities, decent lifestyles and an alternative to crimes and violence to the young people. Through #EntrepreneurshipForChangeCampaign, I have been and will use my past experience and networks to access Government Procurement Opportunities which is set aside as 30% reservation for youth owned business and enterprises. This is an untapped viable option as the opportunities and choices are endless. The reserved opportunities for youth that are attainable include; supplies of stationery, ICT hardware/software, accessories and consumables, toiletries, detergents, newspapers, design and printing services, decorations, event organization and services, car wash services, tree seedlings supply, cleaning services, carpet cleaning, hire of Public Address Systems among other low cost, achievable, hands on and less technical deliverables.

Through this, I am planning to do on job training for young people on how to access the opportunities, enhance their skills and ultimately support those among them willing to start their own hands on skill based initiatives. This will be through use of new media and the on line portal to access procurement opportunities which as young people we can access through our mobile gadgets.

Expected Impact

By supporting this campaign, we will have collectively achieved a lot not limited to:

  • Creating decent jobs for youth in our community and large
  • Enhance use of technology/ new media in business transactions and access of procurement information
  • Offering Training on youth financial literacy and management
  • Improving the livelihood of our community by offering fair wages
  • Reducing crime rate and creating a safer environment for all
  • Preventing loss of lives among youth by reducing Drug and substance abuse

What We Need & What You Get

Every dollar raised through this campaign will make a positive impact in creating a decent job to a deserving youth, enhance the use of technology in business and further creating a better and safer society. From this campaign we are trying to hit target of $11,400.

Fund Allocation: Funds collected through this campaign will be used as follows:Budget for Funds Raised

60 Percent of the funds will be dedicated towards the cost of Stocks/ Supplies and ensuring young people are engaged in sourcing, supplying and learning on the opportunities available. This will be through enhancing their technological capability to transact business on their mobile gadgets and also trade through new media. Youth Involvement here is key as and depending on the magnitude of the tender needs, at least 5 youth will be empowered at any given engagement through trainings, linkages and fair wages.

26 Percent of the raised funds will go towards the perks in terms of sourcing for materials, production/value addition and postage to you our contributor.

10 Percent of the funds will go towards publicity campaigns  that will help us secure more opportunities and thus benefiting more youth through our engagement. Print, electronic and digital media will be used. Innovation would be key in making youth associate with the campaign and operations thereof.

4 Percent of the funds will be used for administrative charges of this platform that is giving us all wing (this is with the belief that we reach our target of $11,400.

The Perks: We have Customized African Artifacts just for you. We'll be giving you the Kenyan experience through hand-made assorted gifts depending on the donation from customized African Wild Sandals, Kikois, paintings, carvings and art work.


Other Ways You Can Help

My humble request is for you to spread word on this campaign and we'll make more impact and positive change by empowering young people to be part of the change.

Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers, every single person who shares this campaign gets us one step closer to our goal. It doesn't matter if you don’t have any social media accounts—we still want you to tell your friends about our campaign and share this in whatever way you choose (email lists, face-book, and twitter, linked in, Google+, Twitter and any other platforms you can reach people. Let's use #EntrepreneurshipForChangeCampaign to drive this campaign

I can't make this happen alone. But TOGETHER, we can do this.

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